Finding Peace in Life’s Debris

Last week,  I saw countless Facebook friends sharing their results from “find out the status update you will be posting in ten years.” As I scrolled through the comical posts,  I wondered what made this so popular. What else could it be other than our secret desire to flip to the last page of our lives and see what it says? Did I live a good life? Did I marry the right person? Did I have a great career?

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says God set eternity in the hearts of men. So, the craving we have to be in the future isn’t a bad one; it’s one quenched only in eternity. But, last week as I sat in a half-finished house, God showed me the key to finding joy in the journey and being at peace in the process of the life He’s building.


I sat amidst four blank walls

Tile chunks, wood shavings, planks.

I came over to this construction site to clear my head.

Four blank walls can do that for you.

Cross-legged, I grabbed my book and shoved my face in the pages.

My mind trailed for a minute and my eyes landed on the pile of debris in the center of the floor.

I dug my face in my book again.

But my eye couldn’t keep from peeking.

I couldn’t stop looking at the debris.

So I stared, and as I did a smile snuck onto my face.

It’s actually kind of beautiful, I thought.

The debris? I thought again.


As I looked on it a bit longer, I couldn’t determine the magnetic attraction.

Then, a heavenly whisper: “Enjoy the process, before it’s over.”

I read my book once more. But returned to the debris.

“Enjoy the process before it’s over.”

We live in a very rare time.

We all have an incredible opportunity before us.

But we so hurriedly rush through it.

We unknowingly walk right past it.

This is the last time you and I will live on this planet.

This is the last time we will live as this version of ourselves.

And in this time, God is making us new.

He is transforming us inwardly each day, and it’s the last time He’s going to do it.

As we walk through Earth, He saws and chips and hammers and paints.

He scales the walls of our hearts. He carves windows where darkness lived.

He puts doors in, closes some and opens others.

He builds stairways and porches.

He installs pipes for running water.

He’s doing it all right now. But only once.

We will never live through this building process again.

Because when we meet Him in Heaven, we will be totally and perfectly built—sound structures that will withstand eternity’s lifespan.

So let us enjoy the process. This very unique and beautiful moment of life when The Carpenter is building us into something this world has never seen before.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. GodGirl says:

    This is great. Beautifully written. May we live remembering our time is short. May we make an impact as only we can.

    1. alexisreb says:

      GOD GIRL, our time is certainly short. Thanks for your kind note.

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