p e r s p e c t i v e & a n x i e t y

When things happen in life, like a job loss, an unexpected death, a failed marriage, heart break, mental illness or sickness, oftentimes anxiety has a way of seeping in. But, if we shift our perspective, it doesn’t have to.

We must remind ourselves of the bigger picture–the heavenly vision of God.

God knows all the ups and downs, the joys and disappointments, the dreams and failures, the loves and losses of life will culminate in this final moment: each one of us, face-to-face with Our Creator.

We do not have the luxury of knowing when or how we will get to that moment, maybe by a lead bullet, maybe by a drawn out cancer, maybe by a self-inflicted demise. But, we will behold the face of God.

We will give an account of the way we lived our lives to Our Savior, and He will either say “well done, my good and faithful servant” or “away from me, I never knew you.”

Please know that God’s desire is that you will stand before His throne with confidence and joy, rejoicing as you gaze upon your faithful friend whose face you’ve never yet seen until this moment. Please know, all of life is Him giving you (us) sunrise after sunrise to step into relationship with Him, to know Him, to be loved by Him, to receive the free gift of freedom and life. 

It is not His desire for you to stand before His throne in shame and regret.

He will allow storm after storm into your life and He will bring sunny day after sunny day, all with the eternal intention of drawing you nearer to Himself.

The confidence He longs for us to have comes from living lives of submission; but, submission and anxiety cannot dwell together. Where anxiety persists, disobedience and mistrust reign. Refuse such double- mindedness.

Obedience to Jesus becomes a joyful delight as we seek and believe Christ and His goodness in every season.

So, if anxiety is tearing you apart in this season of circumstances and disappointments, then there’s good news. Christ holds the release and He freely gives to those who call on His name.

But, we must take the first step: asking for forgiveness. George Whitefield says the sin of pride often flares up in the form of anxiety. He reminds us that “we are not wise enough to know how our lives should go.” But, anxiety thrives off of the belief that we are wise enough; we are in control.

Anxiety says “I am my own provider, I am my own security, I am my own god and I place my trust and confidence in myself.” Trust me, you don’t want to build a life on that cracked foundation. 

So, repent for allowing sin to warp your perception of God and self. Then, breathe in and receive the forgiveness you can never earn. 

Ask God to shift your perspective today. Ask that He would give you the eyes to see and the will to live by His heavenly vision. Seek His forgiveness, turn away from yourself and nuzzle your head in His loving embrace. Then, freely receive the gift He freely and joyfully gives.

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