When you hear the still small voice of God, don’t question it. Don’t fear its implications. Simply listen and do as you’re told. Your bones will be fortified and your life will glow with joy.

Questions, concerns and doubts will always try to shout you out, but you are a steady one because you are His. You are firm and deeply rooted. You are quieted by His love and strengthened by your trust in Him.

You are destined for glory–eternal and unfathomable.

You are here only for a brief twinkle of the eye and then it all passes away.

So, let Him have His way in you.

Let yourself in on the greatest opportunity to be the vessel carrying His love and His peace. Let yourself be a part of the greatest story any ear will ever hear and eye will ever see.

Let go of everything else and let Him in–into your wildest dreams and most teeth chattering fears.

Let His light shine in your life and let His love cast all else aside.

Walk, friend. Be still when the Spirit nudges you. Be patient after He speaks of the things to come.

Be willing and ready at every moment to meet Him, to speak for Him, to stand tall with and walk humbly next to your Lord.

May your knee always be knelt in humble submission, and may your heart’s cry ever be, “Yes, Lord.”

Take the gauntlet. It’s being passed to you. But, before you do, carefully consider its implications. Consider what life you’re leaving behind –what habits and affections. Consider all of it and none of it. Then, if you’re still certain, grab it and run. Set the world ablaze, my fellow sojourner.

You will walk and not grow weary.

Consider Jesus Christ and that day when it’s all said and done on this side of things. What will He say to you, friend?

Let’s live so He will say “You’ve considered me in all things, and that wild heart of yours has been most obedient. Well done.”

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