Breathe, listen to the rivers of running gold…alone.

Pick a focal point:

Anywhere in your room, car or imagination.

Turn the key and lock down your attention.

The swiping, the scrolling, the liking, the posting, the highlighting, the updating, the texting, the Bible App reading —

Squeeze all the buttons until the pixels and power ooze out.

Fix your gaze and hold.

The traditions, the habits, the customs, the sermons, the teachings, the culture, the music — loosen and let go.

Your attention is locked.

It’s just you and the Holy Spirit.

No one else needs you right now. Nothing else matters.

Fix your gaze.


God, I’m here. 

Focus. Hold


Be still.

Hold. Focus.


Holy Spirit, I’m listening. 


Listen. Focus. Hold.


Holy Spirit, teach me God’s voice.




God, I’m here to just be with you. 


As you continue slowly, steadily breathing, realize and believe whom you are with — the One whose love for you will never waiver. It’s you and Your Creator together in this moment; and He has love songs He wants you to hear. He’s playing sweet, beautiful melodies of reassurance and clarity. Can you hear it yet?

There is no one else. Nothing else.

Just you and Jesus and this melodic mystery of love. 

Keep inhaling and exhaling, releasing and listening; focusing and holding, communing and resting.

He’s giving guidance right now. He’s proclaiming peace. 

 Doesn’t it sound like rivers running with gold?



You’re with your Creator. Isn’t it glorious? 


It’s so much simpler than we dare believe — hearing God’s voice and finding Him.  He is the very source of the air that sustains us. In the simplicity of solitude with Him, we find the life source for our souls. 

No list, no sacrifice, no worship song, no ritual contains as much power as simply getting alone with our God.

So, as Christians, we will continue to be ineffective, without passion and without genuine love if we neglect time completely and utterly alone with Jesus Christ. It sounds a little scary — all the powering off and letting go and sitting still. But, push through that tiny, yet damaging fear. Push through the noise into the silence. Focus your gaze. Lock your attention. Hold. 

Inhale. God I’m here.


“Child, so Am I .”

3 Comments Add yours

  1. taracondon says:

    Oh, Reb, as always, God spoke to me through your words. Your prayer gave me exactly what I needed this evening: allowing myself time in solitude to simply be with God and hear from Him. And you are right…words of peace and reassurance came rushing in like rivers of running gold. Even from across the globe, I feel connected to you through the Holy Spirit. Write on, my friend, write on!

  2. alexisreb says:

    Totter, what an honor to know you met with Jesus through this post! Your continued support and encouragement is more valuable than gold!

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