One Habit Worth Breaking In 2015

Scroll, tap tap. Like. Scroll, tap tap. Like. Scroll, eh, don’t like. Scroll.

That’s how I spend hours each day — mindlessly, unintentionally and passively weeding through social media content.

Well, no more.

Last week, when my head hit the pillow, I remembered I didn’t have quiet time with God that day, so I flipped open my Bible app, looked at the daily verse, read it, highlighted it and then called it a night.

I was reading my Bible the same way I read my newsfeed.

Social media outlets, dating sites, and relationship applications bombard us relentlessly with choices and options: do I like this or do I not like it?

If I like it, I’ll double tap then move on. If I don’t like it, swipe, next. Out of sight, out of mind.

These electronic outlets, although beneficial in many ways, have potentially damaging effects on our relationships–not just with people, but also with God.

Unfortunately, I’ve caught myself treating God’s Word like an Instagram feed–a place where I listlessly scroll, occasionally tapping my seal of approval on the agreeable verses and scrolling past the harder, culturally challenging ones.

I follow gospel accounts on Twitter and Instagram, and I have a plethora of Christian friends who post encouraging scriptures on Facebook. But, the inundation of scripture and “feel good” one-liners has distorted the way I approach the Bible.

I’m wary now of just looking for a quick fix, a golden little nugget to read and tuck away and maybe mediate on later in the day.

I’m shocked to realize I frequently seek entertainment and appeasement from photos and links more than I do from the hues of color as the sun slowly slips beneath the horizon.

But, why do I do this?

My guess is because the latter, nature, compels us to be mindful of a Creator. It draws us to intentionally ponder the origin of the pink, purple and orange sky. It urges us to actively marvel at the things far beyond our understanding. It requires us to think.

God’s word, if we want it to truly transform the way we live, requires the same.

It requires us to mediate on what He is really asking of us and how we can respond to Him. It requires us to be honest with ourselves and call our condition like it is: broken.

It implores us to fixate our gaze on the God who transforms and calls us holy and blameless.

Reading and being transformed requires discipline. It requires, also, love.

The more opportunities we give ourselves to encounter God and His unexplainable love for us, the more our desire for Him and His Word grows.

The Holy Spirit aids us in the renewing of our minds, and in transforming our thoughts, habits and disposition.

But, we must allow Him the time, the attention and the focus–none of which is learned by squandering time on social media.

We must be more intentional with our time and habits. We must swap scrolling for disciplining, liking for loving, and clicking for thinking.

Here’s to the new year! May it be full of less scrolling and more doing!

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  1. Jan Brown says:

    Awesome Reb!! XOXOXOXO

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