Providential Punctuality


Don’t resent where I’ve placed you.

Don’t grow anxious in the waiting.

Don’t run from under the shadow of my protection.

Trust me, my hand is on you.

I know exactly where you are and exactly where you’re going.

Trust me, you need to be here.

Here, is where you will grow.

Here, I’m equipping you with skills, knowledge and understanding you’ll need along this road.

I’m strengthening your trust, so you can walk fearlessly into the deep.

I’m sharpening your mind with My Word.

I’m transforming you, my child so you can accomplish all the marvelous things I have planned for you.

I’m revealing my glory to you.

I’m restoring the broken parts of you.

I’m recovering the areas buried beneath the debris of your past.

I’m polishing your character, so you will shine like My Son.

I’m encouraging you. I’m giving you rest.

I’m pushing your limits, so you’ll learn my power is limitless. 

My timing is divinely, infinitely perfect.

My thoughts about you, never ceasing, always hoping, always reveling in how beautiful you are becoming.

Perpetually, I am looking at you, overjoyed at your progress, at the growth of your character and resolve to follow me.

Always I am thinking how to bless you next, how to teach you one more thing, how to grow you, how to mature and mold you until you are able to withstand all the things this world hurls at you.

I am your shield.

I delight in you.

I delight in protecting you.

I delight in working all things for your good.

I delight in intricately, patiently, perfectly timing every second of your life.

Trust me. I love you.

Trust me. I am good.

Trust me. My timing is perfect.

I know where you are and who you’re with.

I know what you need and what you want.

I know all things.

And I will work all things for the good of my child who loves me;

But I will do so in my perfect timing. 

Trust me with where you are, but also with where you’re not.

Trust me, you  can never be lost to My Spirit!

Everywhere, My hand will guide you; my strength will sustain you. 

I saw you before you were born and scheduled each day of your life before you began to breathe. Every day was recorded in My Book!

I think about you constantly!

You can’t even count how many times a day My thoughts turn toward you. And when you wake up in the morning, I am still thinking of you!

Every thought you have, I know.

Every plan you’ve made, I know.

I watch every step of my godly ones; I protect them always.

So, just trust me.

My thoughts, my plans, my delight in you–eternal.

Your time on this Earth is short.

So don’t drown yourself in confusion and anxiety over such a small fragment of your forever with me.

Remember that the Author of Time is on your side.

I am for you, not against you.

Shift your gaze from your watch to mine.

Synchronize your thoughts with mine, so your idea of time will sync with mine.

Trust me, the hand that’s on you has a watch on it, and Your God is providentially punctual.

*Inspired by Psalm 139

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