The tape









I’ve never been one to have a super huge fascination with birthdays…but they’re growing on me.

Where I live, I come into contact with at least 30 different girls a day.

I love them all, I love hearing about their days, their struggles, laughing with them.

I love the conversations that come from that house.

So many unexpected ones. So many that left me feeling more fulfilled and joyful than I ever anticipated upon saying “hey.”

It’s funny how after “hey,” you really have no clue what’s coming next. Typically it’s “what’s up” or “how are you?”

But, sometimes, this time, it was “and yeah, plus it’s my birthday in 30 minutes.”

Just like a catapult, the words flung from her mouth, through the wavelengths of my mind; and, upon landing, caused an explosion

in the form of a uncharacteristically loud squeal and a few little hops of excitement.

I would chalk it up to common courtesy, the excitement I showed when she told me it was her birthday, but honestly I can’t.

I straight up, 100% think it was a God-given fervor.

Twenty minutes before, I was picking up my toothbrush I knocked on the ground because I was so deliriously tired from school and work.

But then, I was bounding with excitement and was flooded with this desire to create this somewhat elaborate birthday sign.

And, being the least crafty person around, I immediately began questioning my abilities to make it.

But, the idea was planted, and it was surprisingly firmly rooted.

So, I did what anyone who lives in our house does when they are in need of construction paper, glitter, lots of glue, scissors and staples.

I went to the printing room.

There it was, all so perfectly organized in mini compartments labelled with names of the items I would need.

Suddenly, the task ahead didn’t seem so impossible.

Fervently, I cut out 14 paper hearts.

They weren’t too shabby.

Then, I thought, “well crap, how am I going to connect all these hearts together.

After rummaging through some drawers I found nothing.

I was stumped.

Then, right next to the paper cutter, I saw the binding of a used packet of construction paper. Each brightly colored piece of construction paper left behind the perforated edges all conveniently glued together. Jackpot.

So, I had the colorful and sturdy backbone for my creation.

Each heart had a letter, which spelled out “Happy b-day Tess!”

I know, how can someone be SO innovative with such a saying.

I stared at it, beaming with pride.

But, like the roadrunner on Looney Tunes, I was running so fast that it took me a few moments to realize, there was no more ground under my feet.

Except, in my case, there were no more supplies at my disposal, not the one supply i needed anyway.


I sifted through my mental filing cabinet of every piece of tape I owned this year, what projects they went on, every command strip and what object I didn’t really need to have hanging anymore, staples wouldn’t work, my sticky tacky–used it.

I left the printing room and plowed down every square inch of my room and my friends Annie and Leah’s room (who always magically have what you need).


All of this work, this great idea that was birthed in my spirit, everything I needed to do it, except one final thing.

I paced my room for a few minutes, refusing to call it quits.

Then, it was like a giant bar of dark chocolate was placed right under my nose…an unopened office supply labeled “packing tape.”

Immediately, I texted my roommate to ask her permission to borrow some tape.

The agony of having to wait three minutes for her response…


The joy.

As I hurried back to my project, Christ said “See, when I plant a desire in your heart, I  will always give you what you need to accomplish it.”



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