Advancing the Kingdom

Inspired by Ephesians 6:10-20


Today is a new day on enemy territory. 

Forget about yesterday’s setbacks and wounds, for The Lord instructs us to keep moving forward, with our hearts always yielding to His instruction.

If you sinned against your fellow warriors, then fine, ask for forgiveness from them and God.

Rejoice because the divine weapon of forgiveness thwarts the Enemy’s attempts at dividing God’s army.

Remember, we will be faced with fiery arrows, so grab hold of your shield.

We will be faced with distraction, so stay focused.

We will encounter men who will appear as friends, fighting for our cause, but who will stab us in the back while we aren’t looking.

So, stay alert.

Be on guard.

Sharpen your swords, which are God’s Holy Word, so that you can kill all the lies hurled at you.

Know the truth and do everything you can to spread it.

Remember, no evil person can survive the sword of Christ’s Holy Spirit.

It is anointed for success.

It’s purpose is to bring life through killing off the things which bring death.

March on, friends.

Stay alert, stay on guard.

Hold your shields high, keep the faith, and be ready to pull out your sword at a moment’s notice.

March on fearlessly, for The Lord leads us into battle, and with Him as our general, we will succeed. 


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