Thoughts on Creativity


“But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you;  or speak to the earth, and it will teach you,or let the fish in the sea inform you.”

-Job 12:7-8

Yesterday, I was sitting on the porch.

I saw a bird hopping around and instantly it hit me: that bird and I share a striking lineage. Not in the sense of actual relation, obviously, but in the sense that we have the same creator.

That bird who spends all day flying, chirping and collecting twigs was created by the same being who created me.

How insane. How diverse are the works of His hands.

A friend told me the other day that Christ is infinite–that the reason Heaven is eternal is because it will take an eternity to travel into the depths of Him. And so I thought about that and about creativity.

If I am made in the likeness and image of God, do I not also have His creativity welling within me? The creativity that thought of everything: a dash of light, a couple oceans, a few million fish, birds and some humans..

Oh, the imagination.

Doesn’t it thrill you to know you are a direct result, the finished product of His creativity?

Do you not marvel at the idea that as His finished products, just as with any product we buy, He has a definitive purpose for us? He has a job, a use for us, and that He openly offers us the opportunity to find out what it is He wants with us, what He wants the ones He created to create.

He chooses to pour into our brokenness His Spirit. The Spirit from whom flows unimaginable attention to detail, unfathomable love for intricacy, beauty and infinite capability.

You and I are marked with that Spirit.

So I’m thinking maybe I’m not limited to the earthly limits I place on my skills, on my talents, affinities and ways of thinking, doing or writing.

Maybe my creator will continue to infinitely change these capabilities and affinities within me and you for all eternity, to fulfill His purpose and attract His people.

Maybe I need to do some letting go, maybe I need to stop thinking so much about what I think, and think more about what He thinks, because surely I never would have thought to create a bird.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ellie says:

    Alexis, the Bible says ‘A man’s gift will make a way for him.’ I’m watching this come to pass in your life, and it’s fun!!!
    Write on!!!

    1. alexisreb says:

      Thank you! Will do!

  2. calliopez says:

    Your words are always a refreshing take at the beauty life offers. You have such a talent to be able to bring light to the details in life that make our world so marvelous.

  3. calliopez says:

    Your words are a refreshing take at the beauty life offers. It is such a talent you have that your writing brings attention to details that make our world so marvelous. Thank you for sharing

    1. alexisreb says:

      Thank you so much for that! All Him.

  4. rosorio7 says:

    Came home to read this and glad I did. Great reminder that we serve and are created by a God who cannot be exaggerated. Look forward to reading more of these.

    1. alexisreb says:

      Thank you Roger! Yep, He’s so good.

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