Are You Pregnant?


The title of this blog post does not have a lot to do with the overall message, but hey, I got your attention, right? Now that I have it, I hope to keep it.

A few months ago, my lovely friend Ashley got engaged to a wonderful guy named Joel.  She has been so kind to ask me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.  What an honor! I have never been in a wedding before; I am really looking forward to this! As you know, bridesmaids need (or mostly just want) bridesmaid dresses.  Well, a bunch of us in her wedding party went to try some dresses on.  (The dress we chose is absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait for that day when Ash and Joely tie dat knot.)  After we chose the dress, we all stood in line at the counter of the dress shop and got…

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